Vasilis Angelis (born Vasileios Angelis) is an Electronic-Ethnic-Orchestral music composer, engineer and producer. His music is easily recognizable by the distinctive fusion of electronic with orchestral and traditional instruments, and the use of odd rhythms.

He was born and raised in a small village in the plain of Thessaly, central Greece, close to the well-known Meteora rock formations and under the shadow of Pindus Mountains.
As a kid, he remembers been drawn by the magic and power of music and sounds. At first he had influences by traditional and byzantine music of his own country and later on, became interested in a wide range of different music genres, from classical and jazz to world and electronic music. Vasilis was also always fascinated by technology, science, arts, philosophy and ancient myths and tales, and felt that all this was interconnected and had somehow something to do with music.
Fast forward a few years, he finds himself studying Environmental Sciences at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and specializing in GIS engineering. During this period, Vasilis kept exploring, researching and experimenting with music composition and sounds, rhythms, various instruments, synthesizers, samplers, audio engineering and production systems and techniques.
After he graduated from university and finished his military service in Greece, in 2008 Vasilis Angelis started composing, arranging and producing his debut album Amalgama, a blend of electronic, ethnic and orchestral music. He worked in his private studio in Greece and it took about two years to complete. The album was released in 2010 by Apoapsis Records, a record label now based in London UK which was launched by himself and his brother Apostolos (who is also a composer and producer), in order to release their own material.
Vasilis released his second full album Memoria De Profundis in December 2013, after two and a half years of researching and work. In this new evocative opus he fused breakbeat and techno with ethnic electronica, involving great instrumentalists who performed electric violin, traditional Cretan lyra and other instruments.
After two more years of experimentation in founding his own style and sound he moved to London England in search of inspiration and deeper music exploration.
In his third studio album Seven, released in September 2016, Vasilis Angelis created a unique blend of electronic, ethnic and ambient techno music, fusing electronic instruments, drum machines and percussion with Cretan lyra and other traditional instruments. The whole album was composed, programmed, performed, engineered and produced by the artist himself and was mastered at the Airlab studios in London.
In his fourth and latest studio album Chronomorph, released in December 2022, Vasilis Angelis created an organic fusion of melodic electronic, orchestral and ethnic techno music, blending electronic and acoustic instruments, including analogue and digital synthesizers, drum machines, bulky strings, arpeggios, choirs, orchestral sounds, percussion and ethnic vocals.

Vasilis is also an entrepreneur and apart from the label Apoapsis Records Ltd he also co-runs the company Dasology Ltd, based in London UK, which provides metadata enrichment, editorial enhancement and access services for global media companies.