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Please note that this sound recording is not mastered too loudly. This is in order to retain the dynamic range and subtlety of the music. The DR number shown represents the degree of dynamic range compression and indicates how well the dynamics of the original performance have been preserved. Dynamics are essential to musical expression and enjoyment. Larger numbers imply more dynamic range and less compression.


  1. 1Gate of Time (3:30)
  2. 2The Core (2:30)
  3. 3Kappa Bloom (3:03)
  4. 4Ontogenesis (4:05)
  5. 5Gears of Mer (3:18)
  6. 6Emblem (3:35)
  7. 7Mystagogia (3:10)
  8. 8V Theme (1:44)
  9. 9Sculpturistic (2:38)
  10. 10Kinetica (3:01)
  11. 11Sacred Machine (6:15)
  12. 12Phi (1:28)
  13. 13Duskfall (4:04)
  14. 14The Clock (2:11)
  15. 15Lastingness (2:32)

Total Length: 47:08

Vasilis Angelis in his fourth studio album CHRONOMORPH creates an organic fusion of melodic electronic, orchestral and ethnic techno music.
The artist takes you to an emotional journey through a vast musical landscape, crafting a seamless blend of electronic and acoustic instruments, including analogue and digital synthesizers, drum machines, bulky strings, arpeggios, choirs, orchestral sounds, percussion and ethnic vocals.
Chronomorph is an innovative music album with an enthralling evocative soundscape, full of captivating sounds, tense atmospheres and futuristic elements.

  • All Tracks Composed, Arranged, Performed, Programmed and Produced by Vasileios Angelis.
  • Engineered and Mixed by Apostolos Angelis and Vasileios Angelis at Apoapsis Records studios.
  • Mastered by Apostolos Angelis at Apoapsis Records studios.
  • Keyboards, Synthesizers, Samplers, Percussion and Drum Programming, Advanced Music Production Systems, Processed Vocals, Sound Design and Various Instruments by Vasileios Angelis.
  • Album Design and Artwork by Vasileios Angelis.